Winter Feast: New York Botanical Gardens

Here, I share with you a small sampling of the NYBG winterscapes. On days when I have time on my hands, I love to meander through public gardens and take pictures. They are an underrated oasis in the metropolis, in my opinion. It looks as if the green movement will change that, to some degree, which makes me smile. Growing up, one of my favorite places in NYC was the New York Botanical Gardens and it remains that way to this day. Why? Because there are few places in the world that you can go which are always certain to bring you joy and peace. In a fast paced world, it remains a testimony to the unchanging face of nature. The Tulip Trees, for instance, are approximately 200 years old. My love of nature at such a young age was definitely a sign, although it took me decades to realize it.

One of my most cherished memories is the time I spent as a student at NYBG's world renowned School of Horticulture. It gave me a true appreciation of how things worked behind the scenes, the wonderful people whose labor of love and expertise breathes life into the gardens, and an in-depth experience of the magnificent designs that are their hallmark.

Enjoy! Better yet, visit! Click here for a list of their Gardens.