New Plants 2017 - Planning for Garden Greatness

New Plant Varieties

Looking for new plants to jazz up your garden and make your gardener friends envious? We know the feeling. For a gardener there are few things more fun than trying out new varieties. More colors, more flowers and textures to tantalize the senses are what garden greatness is all about. Garden greatness doesn't just happen, it's your creativity and nurturing that shines right alongside your plants. Your garden may already be fabulous but you can always kick it up a notch with select additions which serve to enhance your garden annually - for the easily bored amongst us.

All Blossoming Beginnings landscape designs feature Monrovia and Proven Winners plants, as they have a proven track record, plants are always vigorous, healthy and never root bound.

To get you started, check out Monrovia's Look Book, or Proven Winner varieties.

Planting Logistics

A word to the wise, "Right plant, right place."

Always read the plant labels and select a plant that prefers your garden environment.

  1. Check with your local nursery for availability. Most nurseries stock up mid-end of April.
  2. It's Spring, so planting new perennials & shrubs with Organic amendments is a must.
  3. If planting annuals make sure you stick on a quality water soluble fertilizer or time release to make sure you get the biggest blooms and lushest foliage
  4. Make sure your watering source as new plantings need regular watering to acclimated to their new home.
  5. Mulch, mulch, mulch. With temperature fluctuations on the rise, 2-3" of mulch is recommended to keep your plants roots cool and retain moisture.

Go forth and blossom!