NYBG Monet's Garden

We visited the Monet Gardens exhibition at NYBG yesterday which was, quite literally, a repast for the senses. You don't have to be a plantaholic, horticulturist or even an artist to appreciate the stunning beauty of the exhibition. You just need an eye for beauty and appreciation for the magnificence of nature.

Each time I visit, I am struck anew at what a living labor of love NYBG is. The many hands, efforts and hours it has taken to maintain and nurture the plants, over decades, is truly noteworthy. Any gardener, would have a real appreciation of what such an endeavor must entail. I'm still scratching my head about how they keep the beds weed free lol. There's no mulch and I believe they are "green" so I'm stumped :).

It's impossible to be surrounded by such gorgeousness and not be inspired, so we put on our photography hat. Photos courtesy of Blossoming Beginnings. Enjoy!